In Home Family Session and 5 tips to make it AMAZING!

I find it to be a honor and a privilege when I get to continue working with past wedding clients. They become more like friends and less like clients and I LOVE that. Anna and Josh’s in home lifestyle session with their little Sammy was pure magic. We have some great tips and tricks to make your family session go smooth as silk!

In home sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorite shoots to do because it’s familiar and cozy. Here are FIVE tips for a successful in home lifestyle portrait session!

1. Keep it Clean
The day of the the shoot make sure that the rooms that we will be taking photos in are clear of clutter. We may have to move some items or adjust things to get the framing right but it makes it so much easier for everyone if it’s tidy to begin with!
2. Stay Cozy
Think soft fabrics, coordinating colors that compliment your home and adjust the temp so it’s comfortable for your family. I have some great ideas on my Pinterest page with lots of clothing and posing ideas! Family ideas and Newborn ideas
3. Be well Rested
This one can be hard with newborns, but even if you as parents are tired, try to work around your little ones naps and get as much rest yourselves before the shoot so you are relaxed and can have fun! Remember it’s all about YOU and capturing your family in a natural and honest way.
4. Have FUN!
Don’t forget to let go and have some fun. We will get a variety of images from lovely serene moments to crazy, silly moments. Be open to all of it and it will be a blast!
5. Make TIME
Give yourselves plenty of time especially with a newborn session. Babies and toddlers don’t know how to “listen” to our directions and we all just need to be patient and go with the flow which can mean it might not be a quick 30-45 min session. I always advise to block off at least two hours for in home sessions.
If you are interested in learning more I’d love to hear from you! Message below or email me with ideas or questions about in home lifestyle sessions?

Fall Mini Session Dates announced for 2016

It's that time of year again! Mini session time! I've decided to try our sessions a little earlier this year in the hopes that it won't be as cold for everyone. Many thanks to all the clients who braved the cold weather in the past. We used many "hot hands" and cups of warm cider to spice things up! Registration is now open! I have set a short day this coming Sunday, September 25th from 4pm till 6:30pm. The next full day will be Oct. 2nd and our rain date has been set for Oct. 23rd in case of bad weather. I hope you can join me for some fall photography fun! 

Click the link to register HERE

Here are some highlights from last years participants at Gaie Lea!



Tree Huntin' | West Hill Tree Farm, Staunton, VA

Our family isn't the norm when it comes to Christmas trees. My husband and I love our three little palm trees that we have put up since we've been married and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. However, I do love going to the Christmas tree farms! When our friends said they were going we jumped at the opportunity to go help pick out their tree! Chloë loved it because she could run in the fields and even found a little tree house that she would have stayed in all day if we had let her. Liz had to smell the trees to make sure they had just the right Christmas tree scent! We all had a great time today out at West Hill Tree Farm!

Christin + Adam | Blenheim Vineyards

I was so excited when Christin + Adam asked me to take their holiday photos this year! Not only are they incredibly nice and fun to photograph, but they are an amazing power couple who are the creators of Borrowed & Blue. It's an amazing resource for brides planning a wedding! AND now, onto the good stuff! I love a good challenge and they brought along their two adorable pups for a few shots! Christin + Adam have the most contagious energy and you can just feel the love radiating from them! We had a lot of fun, roaming through Blenheim Vineyards and even hopping some fences along the way! Enjoy!